Casio Keyboard Test

Casio keyboards in test - variety of musical instruments with great performance

Not only in your free time, but also in music production or when performing on stage - a keyboard is the perfect companion for all demanding musicians who do not want to miss the excellent sounds of the piano even when on the road. Equipped with numerous additional functions, the possibility to be creative with the device and provided with the best possible acoustics, digital pianos or keyboards offer the musician the optimal accompaniment for every activity. Especially newcomers, who have no room for an acoustic piano or grand piano, but still do not want to do without the versatile music making with such a device, are best equipped with a keyboard.

The manufacturer Casio, whose product repertoire includes not only musical instruments but also, for example, electronics or watches, has a wide range of different keyboards and digital pianos, stage pianos and DJ products and is above all famous and notorious for the long life, quality and variety of the equipment on offer. The Casio keyboards in test have proven that among them there is a suitable device for every need and preference, as the product repertoire includes over 30 different keyboard models, for example from the category of mini or standard keyboards. A wide range of accessories is also available to match the musical instrument, making the digital piano even more versatile for use in any everyday or professional situation.

Our tested Casio keyboards

Selection of keyboards and pianos from Casio - no wishes remain unfulfilled

Musical instruments from Casio are represented in the repertoire of the manufacturer in a variety of ways, for example in the online shop. In addition to the Casio keyboards from the review, the product range includes other models of the piano, such as digital pianos, various DJ products and the appropriate accessories for the musical instrument purchased.

With the digital pianos for example, it is the big sister of the keyboard. The electronic version of the acoustic piano is a faithful copy of the acoustic piano, but with a lighter weight and for a lower purchase price. Keyboards, on the other hand, are more flexible in handling and transport, and can also score points with piano-oriented music-making thanks to their touch dynamics and keyboard.

Whoever is musically active at parties or performances, or at events, can fall back on one of the various DJ products from Casio. In addition to DJ accessories, such as the XW-DJ Controller or the XW-PD DJ Controller, the manufacturer's repertoire also includes a wide variety of keyboards in different categories, such as the product category

  • Standard keyboards
  • illuminated keyboards
  • mini keyboards
  • Oriental Keyboards
  • high-grade keyboards

Standard keyboards come in all kinds of different facets, with a different number of keys and functions and in different designs. This variant of the digital piano offers a solid basis for making music and fulfills all the wishes that arise during the making of music.

Oriental keyboards, on the other hand, offer exotic music variations in every life situation and have adapted themselves optimally to the required functions, which can convey an oriental sound paired with the southern atmosphere.

What about one of the numerous light keyboards? Not only for the little ones the lighting up of the individual keys, which are in use, is an exciting pleasure, also DJs or professional musicians benefit from this extra at events and performances.

Mini keyboards are also a wonderful music device from Casio, which allows beginners in this field to get started with a manageable keyboard and the most necessary functions. The compact dimensions and low weight of the mini version also make it easier to transport and thus make the digital piano conveniently usable for all musicians who want to benefit from the keyboard while on the move.

For an inexhaustible variety of design tools and sound technology, the High-Graded Keyboards are suitable, which are a suitable keyboard variant especially for the professionals at work. A multitude of tools and editing possibilities is guaranteed with these Casio devices and thus promises a thoroughly professional use, even when working together with other musical instruments or electrical engineering.

Test conclusion - professional or creative music making with Casio keyboards

The manufacturer Casio was not only able to Keyboards and musical instruments, the repertoire also promises a large number of other electrical appliances. For musicians, the Oriental, Mini or High-Graded Keyboards are of course interesting, but also the Digital Pianos and the DJ technology. A huge selection of different products allows musicians, newcomers or professionals to find the right keyboard quickly and benefit from the numerous product functions and extras.

The quality standards are made for long-term, extensive use when making music and promise optimal sound enjoyment, paired with a high-quality keyboard.