Keyboard complete sets

Those who start playing the keyboard will soon notice A keyboard alone is not enough. Optionally, headphones and transport bags can be purchased in addition to the bench and stand, which are highly recommended for an ergonomic playing position. Buying each product separately often turns out to be more expensive than saving money from the outset with a well-designed, matching complete set.

Keyboard complete sets test winner

The cost-saving complete keyboard set

In the test, the following sets, among others, were convincing:

The deluxe set:

The Casio CTK-6200 can be purchased as an all-round carefree complete package: In addition to a high quality bag, which sufficiently protects the keyboard during transport, a foldable and thus space-saving stand is also included. Also included in the price is a really comfortable seat and good headphones.

The inexpensive starter set:

In the test the set, which consists of keyboard, stand and bench, was particularly convincing because both the stand and bench are height adjustable. Especially for young talents this additional function proves to be very practical and a lot of money can be saved in the set, because height-adjustable stands and benches are quite expensive.

The high-quality basic set:

The Yamaha PSR-443 can be purchased as a package together with headphones with a convincing sound, a very well made bag, as well as a stand and a seat. The workmanship is of high quality and convinces not only by the good technical quality but also by the saving and fun potential that is offered to the ambitious player.

More sets:

Furthermore, you can buy slightly slimmed down sets, the following three are delivered with keyboard stand and partly with headphones.

The Casio CTK-4200 is a good set for the ambitious beginner who wants to and can live out his creativity. The player can grow on and with this keyboard, more details can of course be found in the detailed test report.

The Clifton LP6210C is supplied with a stand only, providing the absolute basic equipment for beginners. Since a beginner does not know exactly which optional accessories he still needs, this version is also recommended. However, a keyboard stand is always more practical than placing the instrument on a table that is also used for other purposes and thus having to constantly move it around. Furthermore, a good playing position is only guaranteed with a keyboard stand.

The Casio CTK-3200 is the little brother of the Casio CTK-4200, and can also be purchased with stand and headphones in the economy set, but offers fewer technical features than its big brother. This is a recommendation for somewhat less advanced beginners and beginners who are looking for an inexpensive introduction to the world of keyboard instruments.