Keyboard Accessories

If you start playing the keyboard, you will soon realize that making music with a keyboard alone is fun, but there are many more optional accessories on the market. In this article, we will briefly introduce some of these accessories in their function and usefulness.

The keyboard stand

For every keyboard reasonable keyboard stands. There are those that correspond to a standard size and thus cover almost all keyboards. Most of them are foldable and can therefore be stowed away to save space if they are not needed. The costs are quite clear. But there are also economy sets, which are discussed in another article and which are partly really worthwhile. Keyboard stands are useful in that they take up as much space as the keyboard itself. So the beloved musical instrument does not have to be put away if the table is used for other purposes. They also promote an ergonomic playing position, as there is no longer any edge of the table in the way and the optimal height is set. A thoroughly practical and useful accessory, the purchase of which should be considered in any case.

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The keyboard chair

In order to adopt the most ergonomic sitting position possible while playing music, a special keyboard chair is recommended in the long term. Here, attention should be paid to the sitting height. If necessary, for example with growing children and adolescents, a height-adjustable chair should be purchased. Anyone who has ever sat on a normal kitchen or desk chair and played keyboard for a long time will soon notice that this is not the yellow of the egg. For the beginning of course completely sufficient, but for ambitious players a special chair is mandatory.

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Headphones or loudspeaker

Especially if there are disturbing background noises, such as loud neighbours, the normal sounds of a family household or similar, the purchase of headphones should be considered. Because this way you can concentrate much better on the piece to be practiced, the distraction is minimal. Playing errors are also registered more quickly and the sound quality can sometimes be reproduced better, depending on the power of the integrated speakers. In this case it is sometimes a good idea to connect external, higher quality speakers to the keyboard to improve the sound quality. Furthermore, headphones are a useful piece of equipment, so if the offspring likes to practice at night, the rest of the family can find a restful sleep. However, when buying a pair of headphones, you should pay attention to the compatibility with the keyboard, sometimes there are different jacks, so that the purchase of a complete set could be worthwhile.

Keyboard bag

A keyboard bag is a must-have for every player who often needs or wants to take his keyboard to other places. For music students who prefer to practice on their own instrument or advanced players who play in a band and therefore often go to rehearsals or gigs, the purchase of a suitable bag is a good idea. This way the keyboard is always well protected. You should pay attention to the quality of the bag and check the measurements, if you don't want to buy a set or a bag from the manufacturer.

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A pedal is recommended for the advanced, ambitious player, as it expands the possibilities of sound generation. It should be noted that the keyboard offers an appropriate connection possibility. There are various pedals available, so that a practical test is recommended. The shape can be decisive, because it should be comfortable to use. This also facilitates the proximity or transition from an acoustic to an electronic (or vice versa) keyboard instrument.