Masterkeyboard test

Masterkeyboards in test - professional music equipment for every occasion

Masterkeyboard testBoth for the very young and for beginners a suitable keyboard can be found, such as a mini keyboard or a special Play and Learn Children Keyboardas well as for professional musicians, who work with the keyboard in a recording studio, need it for the production of music or want to use the multifunctional device at performances.

With the so-called Masterkeyboards are professional keyboards, which not only have a variety of different functions, but also offer a professional alternative to conventional midi or mini keyboards. A MIDI controller is built into the musical instrument, especially designed for musicians who have a lot to do with the music device and want to use it flexibly in any situation. Furthermore, most master keyboards in the test have a MIDI in and out output, which can be used to connect another device or a computer. The keyboard's touch dynamics and hammer action should be selected in the best possible way in order to provide an authentic playing feel similar to that of an acoustic piano.

A large number of different masterkeyboards are available online as well as in music stores. Here, talented and passionate musicians can choose from a variety of models with up to 88 keys. Well-known manufacturers of keyboards for the master are Casio or Yamaha, for example, whose product repertoire includes not only Midi keyboards also digital pianos and DJ equipment.

Our Masterkeyboard test winners

This is what the master keyboard should have to offer - an overview of the functions

Hardly any other version of the keyboard or digital piano comes with as much equipment as the master keyboard. That is why this music device is a model that is used especially for music production but also for creative self-expression.

Some of the functions and features that this keyboard should not be without are

  • velocity-sensitive keyboard
  • MIDI connections via USB or power cable
  • Transport button
  • Volume control
  • also velocity sensitive pads
  • adequate software
  • Display
  • Endless rotary control
  • Presets
  • Inputs for foot switch or pedal
  • Headphone input
  • Use with hardware controller possible
  • Note Repeat
  • Pattern Arpeggiator
  • Hammer action
  • several user programs
  • Stereo output
  • Aftertouch

Concerning the keyboard, a touch dynamic is of course an advantage, as well as an aftertouch and the optimal equipment with a hammer action. Several user programs, presets and the Note Repeat function make it possible to use the master keyboard flexibly and with a particularly wide range of possible uses.

Furthermore, the inputs and outputs of the musical instrument must be checked before purchase. In order to be able to connect a separate sustain pedal or a variable foot switch to the keyboard with integrated Midi controller, the appropriate inputs should be available in any case. It is also an advantage if the music device also has an input for headphones, so that music can be played undisturbed even during the night. Also very useful is a display attached to the keyboard's dashboard.

Choice of different manufacturers and models

The master keyboard test has shown that there is a great variety of different musical instruments and therefore a suitable device can be found quickly. Most models differ only in the number of functions and the number of keys. Available are keyboards with

  • 25
  • 49
  • 61
  • 76
  • 88

buttons. A different number of keys is only found on the rarest master models. This spacious keyboard opens up a new spectrum of creativity and, due to its touch dynamics and hammer action, can be compared to the keyboard of a grand or acoustic piano.

Of course, different manufacturers also provide the master keyboard in their product repertoire. Among the probably best known and internationally popular manufacturers of the keyboard for professionals are

  • Casio
  • Yamaha
  • Akai
  • M-Audio
  • Roland
  • Arturia

Conclusion - a wide range of possible uses for the master keyboard for professional music

The master keyboard proved in the test that this music device is a versatile and multifunctional keyboard, which can be used especially at work, at performances or in your own music production. Manufacturers such as Casio or Yamaha offer various models of this professional device in their product repertoire. Master keyboards with 25 to 88 keys are available, which are equipped with a dynamic touch and a special hammer action, thus making music-making authentic to the sounds of the acoustic piano. Equipped with numerous functions, for example with a display, with presets and the integrated MIDI controller, nothing stands in the way of extensive use in the studio or on stage. At the same time, the master keyboard is very compact and therefore easy to transport.