Yamaha Keyboard Test

Yamaha Keyboards in test - Fascination of the electronic piano

The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments worldwide. Even the very youngest children enjoy making music on a grand or acoustic piano and learn to acquire optimal manual dexterity, to train their motor skills or simply to experience fun and fascination with the sounds and tones of the piano. Professional musicians also enjoy working with the musical instrument on a daily basis and benefit from the versatility and choice of models.

However, it is not always possible to be in possession of a piano or to work with it while travelling. Also the different features of the acoustic piano can usually be counted on one hand. The situation is different with keyboards. The portable version of the musical instrument offers professional musicians and enthusiastic musicians a variety of different functions, for example a volume control or the recording of pieces of music and note combinations. The keyboard manufacturer Yamaha is very popular and known worldwide. The company, which originally comes from the Kishon region, is now represented by a subsidiary in almost every country. Yamaha's repertoire includes several keyboard models, all of which are perfectly suited to the needs and passion of musicians.

Our tested Yamaha keyboards

The different Yamaha keyboards in test - overview of the models

For every type of music, every desired performance of the device and every demand on sound and handling, there is a suitable keyboard in Yamaha's product repertoire. For example, you will find one among them:

  • the piaggero 31
  • the piaggero 11
  • the Piaggero V80 and V60
  • the EZ-220 portable keyboard
  • the portable device PSR-E243 and PSR E343
  • the E-253 and E443
  • the Portable Keyboard 230
  • the Tyros 5-76
  • the PSR-A2000 and A3000

and various other portable and entertainer keyboards.

The availability of portable keyboards, models to take with you and use on the road, the Piaggero range of keyboards and the various Arranger Workstation Entertainer keyboards means that you can find the perfect device for every occasion and playing ability, thanks to Yamaha.

Which keyboard equips me best? - Hints for the selection of the devices

If you have the choice, you're also spoilt for choice - all keyboards in Yamaha Keyboard Test were able to convince simply by a competent selection of functions, great user-friendliness and a friendly price-performance ratio. So which keyboard is the perfect device for beginners or professionals?

There are four different keyboards available from Yamaha's so-called Piaggero series. All of them are piano-oriented, which means that they have touch dynamics and come in a classic design. The name Piaggero is a combination of the word 'piano' and the Italian word 'leggero' for 'light'. This makes these electronic pianos ideal for musicians who want to switch from an acoustic piano or grand piano to a portable version.

Those who have not yet been able to gain experience on the piano are in good hands with the Portable Keyboards. The modern, electronic devices can of course be transported optimally, and also have the most important functions you could wish for in a keyboard. For example, learning programs, USB or MIDI in and out connections are available, as well as different tone colours and octaves.

Every professional who has high demands on his keyboard should take a look at the Yamaha collection of Entertainer keyboards. An incredible number of multifunctional and powerful devices are to be found here, all of which are equipped with the most functions of all Yamaha keyboards. Differences in the number of keys, design or features round off the large selection.

Purchase decision - product variety can convince all along the line

Not to mention the many advantages of a keyboard, Yamaha's range of equipment provides everything you need to play the piano in a way that is sonorous, professional or requires practice. The repertoire is equipped with more than 20 different models, which makes musicians' hearts beat faster.

Before buying, however, several criteria should be taken into account. For example, it is important that the musician decides in advance which functions are particularly necessary and which features can be confidently left out. A selection of possible additional functions or features of the keyboard are approximately:

  • Headphone jack
  • MIDI IN and OUT
  • Recording function and playback function
  • different demos
  • different sound settings
  • USB connection
  • Power supply via USB or mains plug
  • Weight and dimensions of the keyboard

Since the keyboard is in any case a portable piano, the weight and dimensions should not be disregarded. The intention is to be able to use the device easily and flexibly on the road or to have to transport it over several hours.

Here you will find our Keyboard test winner at a glance.